Exhibitor Services Manual


Here you will find the relevant information and forms to complete for the event.

If you have any questions, please contact  techweekcustomersuccess@informa.com.

Please ensure you read each section carefully and meet the required deadlines. We look forward to working with you in making this a successful event! 

Key Dates and Times

View the Build Up, Dismantle & Event Hours HERE 

Floor Plan

Download the Floorplan HERE 

Tasks and Deadlines

Deadlines for compulsory tasks


  • Submit Stand Plans (Detailed Stand Drawings, Risk Assessment, Construction Phase Plan, Method Statement & Declaration) – 26th April 2024  


  • Complete Nameboard Form – 10th May 2024


  • Submit your company logo and confirm your company name – 10th May 2024 


  • Submit request for mains(electricity) supply to your stand – 13th May 2024 


  • Complete the online Health & Safety Form – 17th May 2024 


  • Vehicle access requests – TBC 

Optional tasks and submission deadlines for additional event service orders

  • Internet – 8th May 2024 

  • Furniture Hire & Floor Covering – 13th May 2024 

  • Rigging – 17th May 2024 

  • Water Supply - 24th May 2024

  • Temporary Stand Staff – 24th May 2024 

  • Audio Visual Equipment Hire – 26th May 2024 

  • Plant & Floral Hire – 31st May 2024 

  • Catering – 31st May 2024 

  • Security – 31st May 2024 

  • Schedule Deliveries – 27th May 2024

Your Stand - Space Only

You will be provided with a space on the exhibition floor only. It is your responsibility to utilize and build in this space. Please check your contract for the exact size of your floor space and plan accordingly.  

Looking For a Stand Contractor?

BeCreative is our recommended Stand Contractor for London Tech Week 2024

Modular Space Only Stand Builder - with over 70 years' of experience of working with both organisers and exhibitors, our team lead by Lois Furlow concentrates on delivering modular solutions to space only stands and organiser environments. From concept to completion we pride ourselves on our award winning customer service, project management and attention to detail. BeCreative focuses on our clients' needs whilst offering innovation, creativity and a sustainable footprint. Please get in contact to discuss your stand in more depth!

►Contact Lois

►View Gallery

Better Stands

Through our commitment to the evolution of the events industry, we aim to ensure that we are delivering the best possible experience for our customers. That is why, we at Informa, have created the industry-wide campaign Better Stands. 


Better Stands focuses on uniting exhibitors, contractors and the wider event industry to move away from disposable, single-use stands at our events, in favour of reusable structures. We believe that by moving away from the use of disposable stands we will improve the ease, quality, safety and sustainability of the exhibitor experience at our events. 


This year is about educating clients and contractors about Informa’s Better Stands initiative, providing information on how you can help us move away from disposable stands together. The regulations for 2025 will see the bronze level enforced for all space-only clients. Now’s the time to start taking action and get ahead of the game. Why not set yourself up this year so you are in the best position to make your commitment in the future and try to achieve the highest rating possible!


Please have a read through the Better Stands Exhibitor Information Guide to get more information about the campaign!

Submit Your Stand Plans

What next?  

Review the STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS for signing off stands. 

You will be required to provide detailed stand plans for your space that adhere to Design Instructions. Read the following guidelines before designing your stand: 

Mandatory requirements: 

  • Your appointed stand contractor needs to submit the following documents in PDF format to Abraxys via the ONLINE FORM

    • Stand Designs with dimensions 

    • Construction Phase Plan (CPP)

    • Risk Assessment  - A blank template is available HERE 

    • Method Statement -  A blank template is available HERE 

    • Stand Visuals including Rigging (if applicable) 

    • Any other applicable files as indicated in the STAND BUILD GUIDELINES  

  • The deadline to submit all files is Friday 26th April 2024 

  • You as the exhibitor will need to complete the online HEALTH & SAFETY FORM by Friday 17th May 2024 


Once submitted, should your design be classed as complex, or over 4m in height, you will be expected to provide & pay for structural calculations for your stand. 

* Please contact techweekcustomersuccess@informa.com to check on whether there are any obstructions within the stand space, i.e. pillars and height restrictions. 

If your documents have not been submitted, or are not completed to an appropriate standard, Informa Tech organisers reserve the right to refuse build/admission to the show, or ask you/your stand contractor (if applicable) to resubmit with further information.  

If your stand plans and H&S pack have not been submitted by the deadline set, Informa Tech organisers reserve the right to refuse build/admission to the show.  

Should you wish to order anything additional, please go to the Additional Event Service Order section on this page. 

Shell Scheme Stand

For an example of how your Shell Scheme Stand will look, please see the image to the right of this text, or view this file.  

Your stand will include the following: 

  • BeMatrix Walling with white foamex panels 2.5m High 

  • 2 x BeMatrix Name Panels including Graphic infill showing stand name and number 0.5m x 1m 

  • Grey Carpet Recyclable to the entire stand area  

  • Furniture Package – 1 x Low Table TB69 White and 2 x Chairs DE77 White 

  • Electrical Package – 1 x 500w Socket 

Mandatory tasks to complete: 

You can order more, or change furniture items, via our supplier Creative Live, via their online portal.

For additional services please fill out the applicable forms below and send them to sales@creativelive.uk by Monday 13th May 2024. Orders placed after this date will be subject to availability and applicable surcharges. 

Should you wish to order anything additional, please go to the Additional Event Service Order Details section on this page. 

Please read the Creative Live FAQS available HERE for more information and to ensure you DO NOT incur EXTRA CHARGES! 



Start-Up Pods

For an example of how your start-up package will look, please see the visual of the pod to the right of this text. You can also find additional visuals of the pods and technical measurements in this file.

Your Start-Up Pod will include: 

  • 1 x logo board and counter with storage 

  • 1 x Stool (DE44 White) 

  • 1 x 500W Socket Outlet  

You can order more stools directly through our furniture supplier Creative Live using their online portal. Please make sure to place your order by Monday 13th May 2024. Orders placed after this date will be subject to availability and applicable surcharges. 

*Due to limited space,  you may order a maximum of two extra stools, in addition to the one included in standard package.

Mandatory tasks to complete: 

  • Submit your company logo along with the exact company name you want to have printed on the top section of the pod via this link by Friday 10th May 2024
  • NB Logos must be high resolution (.ai/.eps/.pdf are the required file formats) and suitable for large scale printing

  • Complete the online HEALTH AND SAFETY FORM by Friday 17th May 2024

Should you wish to order anything additional, please go to the Additional Event Service Order Details section on this page.

*Due to the limited space available on the top of your pod counter (50cm W x 103cm L), we recommend that you only order items which can safely sit on it.


Fixed Meeting Room

If you have a Fixed Meeting Room included in your sponsorship contract, please reach out to techweekcustomersuccess@informa.com who will be able to confirm the standard inclusions.

Mandatory tasks to complete:

Should you wish to order anything additional, please go to the Additional Event Service Order Details section on this page.


Voyage Access Control

To improve safety and ensure smooth operations during load in and load out, any vehicles needing to service the event (contractor, exhibitor & courier) are required to pre-book through Voyage Control. Vehicles not pre-booked will not be permitted. 

All vehicles booked through Voyage Control must have a valid Voyage Control booking and the pass ready to be checked by traffic marshals.

Please stick to your time slot and do not arrive in advance of your booking start time. 

The maximum height for all logistics vehicles arriving at the site is 4.4 metres. Any vehicles unloading or loading can gain access from Hammersmith Road turning left into Olympia Way. There is no right turn from Kensington High Street. For more information about loading and unloading access, please click HERE

Bookings will be available from 9 May (Thursday), 11am. Please visit the Olympia London End-User Guide for more details.

Additional Event Service Order Details 


Basic Wi-Fi will be available inside the venue free of charge, up to 1Mbps, but this service is not supported.

If you wish to order a different type of internet connection, please have a look through the eForce online portal to see the range of services available.

The deadline to submit orders for internet services is Wednesday 8th May 2024.

Orders placed after this point will be subject to availability and applicable surcharges (20% for orders placed late (9th May-6th June); orders placed onsite (7-12 June), are subject to an additional 20% surcharge on top of the late order price).

If you need to place a wired internet connection whilst onsite, please contact eForce directly on sales@eforce.co.uk or 0207 598 2400 to check if this is possible.

Please make sure to read the connectivity guidelines before finalising any internet requirements for your stand.

Furniture Hire, Floor Covering, Shell Scheme & Graphics, Electricity/Lighting

Creative Live are the official show contractor. Creative Live will be building the exhibition areas at the event and will be able to assist with the following:

  • Furniture Hire. To view their range of available items please have a look at their furniture portal
  • Floor Covering. If you require any additional or alternative floor covering for your stand, please complete the form and return it to sales@creativelive.uk
  • Shell Scheme Stand extras such as shelves, or graphics are available. Please complete the form and return it to sales@creativelive.uk
  • Electricity/Lighting upgrades such as additional power sockets, or LED spotlights, are available. Please complete the form and return it to sales@creativelive.uk

The deadline to submit orders for furniture hire, floor covering, shell scheme extras, graphics or electricity/lighting upgrades, is Monday 13th May 2024.

Orders placed after this point will be subject to availability and applicable surcharges.


Rigging is only permitted if you have received prior approval from your Informa Tech Account Manager and have paid for the airspace – please check your contract.

Rigging must be carried out by the official venue riggers Outback Rigging and is only permitted within certain areas of the show floor. Please contact techweekcustomersuccess@informa.com to confirm if rigging is possible above your stand before placing your order.

To place your order for rigging services, please complete the order form and return it to georgina@outbackrigging.com by Friday 17th May 2024.

Orders placed after this date will be subject to availability and a 20% surcharge.

Water Supply

If you require a water supply for your stand, please complete this order form and return it to atdvenueservices@atdelectrical.com to place your order by Friday 24th of May 2024 and take advantage of the early bird rate.

Orders placed 25th May - 6th June are charged at a standard rate and orders placed from 7th June onwards are subject to a 20% surcharge

Temporary Stand Staff

Alexi Promotions is the official event supplier for temporary staff.

If you require any temporary staff for your stand, please email maria@alexipromotions.co.uk by Friday 24th May 2024.

Orders placed after this date will be subject to availability and applicable surcharges.

Audio Visual Equipment Hire

Event Pro AV is the official AV supplier for the event.

Whether you need TV screens, full video walls or anything in between, they can help! Please see the details below to access their online ordering portal.

Access the AV Portal: www.eventproav.co.uk/order

Password: uk (lowercase)

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact Carl Wilkes: 

hiredesk@eventproav.co.uk or cwilkes@eventproav.co.uk  or +44  (0)1827 250500

All AV orders must be received no later than Sunday 26th May. Orders received after this date will be subject to availability and a 20% surcharge.

Plant & Floral Hire

Vista Events is the official plant and floral supplier of the event.

If you require any plants, or floral arrangements, for your stand, please reach out to them on +44 (0) 7740 600 087 or info@vista-events.co.uk by Friday 31st May 2024. 

Website: https://www.vista-events.co.uk/

Orders placed after this date are subject to availability and applicable surcharges.


Host-Olympia is the official catering supplier for the event.

All catering must be ordered via their online portal before Friday 31st May.

Orders placed after this point will be subject to availability and applicable surcharges.

Food and drinks from external sources (including coffee machines) are not permitted within the venue, unless you have specific catering requirements that cannot be met by the in-house caterers, in which case permission may be granted subject to the payment of a concession fee.  Please contact info@host-olympia.london for more information.


Stambridge Group are the official security supplier for the event.

If you require any security staff for your stand, please email kevin.bird@stambridge.group by Friday 31st May 2024.

Orders placed after this date will be subject to availability and applicable surcharges.

Schedule Deliveries

CLS (Creative Logistix Solutions) is the official freight handler, customs broker and on-site handling agent for the event. All deliveries must go through CLS. 

If you require any of their support with arranging deliveries to the venue, please complete the order form available HERE.  

Additional guidance for preparing any shipments can also be in the guidelines available HERE.

Please make sure to submit the completed order form to info@clsexpo.com by Monday 27th May 2024

Orders placed after this date will be subject to availability and applicable surcharge. 

Cleaning and Waste

Your stand will be vacuumed each day and rubbish will be removed, but exhibits will not be cleaned.  Stands with night sheets will not be cleaned.

All waste, except small quantities of litter, produced by your stand, must be removed from the venue at the end of the event. 

Removal of any abandoned stand-fitting materials, carpet, pallets, boxes of literature or excessive waste, will be subject to an additional charge.

If you have any food waste, or other wet waste, please contact the organiser, so that arrangements can be made for proper disposal.

If you require any special cleaning service, please contact Olympia's cleaning team directly https://olympia.london/cleaning-waste-management

Health & Safety guidelines and FAQ

Venue, Accommodation & Travel


Olympia London

Hammersmith Road

London, W14 8UX

For the venue access map please click HERE


Informa has partnered with Hotelmap to bring you discounted rates at hotels that are local to the event venue.

Please use the link HERE to view the hotels available nearby and book your accommodation for the event.


Public Transport

We recommend that you use public transport when planning your travel to and from the venue, where possible, to help us have a more sustainable event and reduce the carbon footprint associated with attendee event travel.

Kensington (Olympia) is the dedicated combined train station right next to the venue. Services are provided by London Overground, along with Southern and London Underground (District Line). It is in London's Zone 2.

The following bus routes also have stops within a very short walking distance:

  • 9 - runs to and from Aldwych and Hammersmith.
  • 23 - runs to and from Westbourne Park and Hammersmith.
  • 27 - runs to and from Chalk Farm and Turnham Green.
  • 28 - runs to and from Kensal Rise and Wandsworth.
  • 49 - runs to and from White City and Clapham Junction.
  • 391 - runs to and from Fulham and Richmond.


Please note, Olympia London falls within the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). Please check whether your vehicle is subject to ULEZ charge before you arrive. We also always recommend planning your journey in advance and checking for any travel disruptions before you leave.

If you require onsite parking, please make sure that you pre-book online on the link HERE to ensure you secure a space as availability is limited.

Additional information on travelling to and from Olympia London can also be found HERE.

Additional Policies

Code of Conduct

Informa Tech is dedicated to providing an inclusive and safe event experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, nationality or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form. We are a diverse community of professionals, and we conduct ourselves professionally. Please be considerate and careful with your words and actions. Exhibitors in the expo hall, evening party hosts and organizers of concurrent activities should be aware they are subject to the code of conduct. Exhibitors and party hosts may not promote sexualized or offensive imagery or activities. Exhibition and party staff should not use sexualized clothing/uniforms/costumes, or otherwise create a sexualized environment. Participants asked to stop any behavior are expected to comply immediately. If a participant or sponsor engages in behavior that violates this code of conduct,  Informa Tech staff may take action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the event with no refund.

View the full Code of Conduct HERE


Sustainability is increasingly important to event attendees. Exhibiting at an Informa Tech event allows you to highlight your company’s sustainability credentials and align with an event that champions sustainability. To ensure that your company and exhibiting stand are aligned with Informa’s sustainability goals: 

  1. View the Exhibitor Sustainability Checklist relevant to your stand type below and consider the steps as you plan your event  
  2. If you have a space only stand, ensure that your stand is compliant with Informa’s Better Stands programme as detailed in the section above

For more information regarding the sustainability practices of Olympia London, please click HERE.



By registering for this event you acknowledge recordings, video, and photographs are being taken during the event. By you entering this event, you give unqualified consent to: Informa Tech, its agents, licensees to record, use and publicise your voice, actions, likeness, and appearance, in any manner and media, worldwide in perpetuity. If you wish to avoid being recorded, please do not enter this event.

Data Protection

Informa Tech and London Tech Week do not sell, nor distribute, attendee contact information in accordance with established privacy policies. Any company claiming to have such information to sell is not affiliated with London Tech Week, or its parent company Informa, and do not have access to our confidential records.