Why Attend London Tech Week?

Attend London Tech Week to keep up with today’s accelerated business transformation, plan for sustained growth and work together with industry leaders to make impactful progress.

London Tech Week 2023 will feature more content than ever before across the new Start-up, Enterprise and Leaders Zones and seven stages, including:

- The brand-new Transformation Stage,
- Innovation Hubs across QEII,
- Fresh content for scaleups, start-ups, and enterprise,
- Spotlights on UK entrepreneurship and inclusivity!  

Why Attend London Tech Week?

London Tech Week Accommodation

With so much to see and do during London Tech Week you may want to enjoy the city at a slower pace, which is why we have partnered with a number of hotels around the city.

Click below to find our officials hotels for London Tech Week to suit all budgets and all within walking distance of our campus in Westminster.

London Tech Week Accommodation

It is the place to connect everyone in the global tech sector, from start-up founders to corporate leaders, investors, innovators and VCs, as well as the next generation of tech unicorns (‘soonicorns’) to continue driving change.


For 2023, LTW returns to Westminster with a full takeover of the Queen Elizabeth II Centre. Across 3 days and 7 floors, London Tech Week will bring together inspirational founders, top business leaders, policymakers, investors and rising stars to engage in discussions on technologies that will unlock new opportunities and transform the future.

Impactful innovation and visions of the next tech frontiers remain at the forefront of London Tech Week, with UK entrepreneurship, enterprise solutions and inclusivity leading the way.