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The UK economy needs to enhance productivity through the deployment of next-generation robotic and autonomous systems (RAS) to remain competitive on the global stage. This transformation requires a skilled workforce to deploy, integrate, and understand these systems. Unfortunately, several obstacles stand in the way, including a shortage of STEM-skilled workers, limited public awareness, inadequate robotics education, insufficient diversity and inclusion in STEM, and a need for reskilling throughout one's career. To address these challenges, collaboration between the UK education sector, government, the general public, and commercial stakeholders is required. UK universities can take the lead in driving positive change, while the UK-RAS Network should focus on coordinating curriculum development, skills training, and collaboration with employers. The UK-RAS Network's SERAS (Skills and Education for Robotics and Autonomous Systems) group aims to bridge the skills gap by analysing UK-RAS training and education requirements, assessing existing provisions, identifying gaps, engaging with the education sector, initiating projects, forging new partnerships, promoting RAS technologies, and influencing public policy on RAS-related skills and education.
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