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The Scalers

The Scalers helps innovative businesses globally to build world-class software engineering teams in Bangalore, India ' the 'Silicon Valley of Asia'. With a unique model that combines recruitment, managed operations, and cultural alignment, The Scalers help their partners scale their development capacity quickly, simply, and seamlessly. Set apart from the competition with their people-centric approach, The Scalers ensure their partners get engineers with the right hard and soft skills so teams are qualified, fully aligned and continually engaged. Out of 100 developers, only 10 pass technical tests, 5 then pass the cultural fit assessment, and at the end, only 1 champion gets hired. By taking care of the setup, hiring and managing of development operations, their partners can focus 100% of their time on what really matters ' growing their businesses. It's why tech leaders from the UK, Ireland, France, the US, Belgium, Canada, and Australia have trusted them to build over 70 long-term tech teams of 5 to over 500 developers since 2014.
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