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Next Gate Tech

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Next Gate Tech is a fintech specialising in the automation of data management and analytics for the fund industry. The company leverages the latest technologies, to provide clients with all their data from multiple unharmonized sources, as one consistent, consolidated, and independent source enabling them to streamline their day-to-day processes. Next Gate Tech Saas platform leverages the harmonized datasets to provide its clients with meaningful insights and analytics on their portfolios that are packaged by use cases such as NAV Oversight, Risk, Investment Compliance or ESG. Founded in 2019 and backed by several VCs, Next Gate Tech has today 30+ employees in our Luxembourg and London offices and is composed of tech talents such as quantitative developers, software engineers, data scientists and cybersecurity specialists, amongst others, working alongside profiles coming from the asset management and fund industry, including from portfolio management, risk management, depositary and fund administration areas. It is the synergy between the technology and industry experience in our teams which allows Next Gate Tech to create an efficient platform for our clients. We know the challenges they face because we lived these same pain points ourselves earlier in our careers.
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