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Freeaim Technologies

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Founded in 2021 by Ashley Foxcroft, Freeaim Technologies is a London based Virtual Reality technology company focused on full body VR movement and control: also known as VR locomotion. The company has a number of related inventions in the pipeline, and its flagship product is 'Freeaim VR Shoes', a unique wearable technology that enables people when using VR, to walk infinite distances and in any direction, while the VR Shoes keep the user safely inside a small area preventing them from walking into walls or other objects. VR Shoes are the result of several years of research and combine VR with robotics and wearable technology. As well as designing the hardware, Freeaim has developed advanced motion control software and algorithms, thereby creating a truly immersive 'no bounds' VR experience. Freeaim is on track to be first to market with an entirely new VR locomotion system which is more natural, affordable & compact compared to any existing technologies in the same field. Freeaim VR Shoes are aimed at all markets (B2B and B2C), and use cases include consumer gaming, exer-gaming (exercise + gaming), training, simulation and medical applications. For more information and to stay up to date, visit Freeaim.com.
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