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At Aircards, we harness Web-based Mixed Reality (WebXR) to create outstanding interactive experiences for our clients. Our rock-star team of developers and creatives have built WebXR projects for the world's biggest brands - including Warner Bros, Microsoft, Pepsi & many more. We specialize in Web-based Mixed Reality technology, which means that our AR/VR experiences take place within the mobile web browser. Why is that important? There is no app download required to view the experience. We develop our own proprietary technologies which are additive to the power and capabilities of WebXR. This focus on innovation ensures that we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the available technology and integrations to our clients. We possess our own proprietary solutions for 3D analytics, avatar integration, real-time multiplayer gameplay, 3D model file sharing & more. Our 3D analytics platform, Metalitix, is a powerful cross-platform tool for providing analytics to the Metaverse.
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