Yahia Abdel Mageed

Yahia Abdel Mageed

Head of Growth, Rubriic
Yahia Abdel Mageed is a dynamic and strategic leader with profound expertise in driving innovation, growth, and ecosystem development within the FinTech and Innovation sector. Currently, as the Head of Growth at Rubriic, Yahia is spearheading efforts to revolutionize tech talent acquisition by implementing intelligent interview-as-a-service solutions designed to enhance the efficiency of hiring processes. His role encompasses broadening Rubriic's global presence through strategic development, enhancing client engagements, and overseeing marketing and operational scalability. Previously, Yahia was instrumental at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), where he was a key contributor to the Fintech and Innovation sector, leading to the establishment of the DIFC Innovation Hub. This initiative has grown into one of the most robust and successful ecosystems for startups and technology businesses worldwide, significantly boosting the financial and technological landscape. Located in Dubai, a burgeoning global tech hub, Yahia's vision for Rubriic is to position it at the forefront of the industry, significantly contributing to the region's evolution as a central hub for technology and innovation. Fluent in English, Arabic, and French, he utilizes his exceptional cross-cultural communication skills and extensive strategic planning expertise to push Rubriic to set new standards in tech talent acquisition