Wendy Redshaw

Wendy Redshaw

Chief Digital Information Officer, NatWest Group
United Kingdom
Wendy is the Chief Digital Information Officer for all Retail Bank brands of the NatWest Group.  Wendy is also Chair of the Board of NatWest Services Switzerland, holds a Non-Executive Director position for NatWest Trustee & Depository Services, is a Member of the Board of Directors for RoosterMoney, a recent FinTech acquisition, and is a Brand Ambassador of TechSheCan, whose vision is for women to be equal members in creating and developing technology that will shape our world. 

Throughout her career, Wendy has been involved in several successful FinTech startups, and numerous strategic transformations for top tier banks, unlocking customer value and potential through digitalisation and innovation at scale.

Wendy's interest in how humans and machines interact goes back a long way - during her early days as a software engineer, she majored on Human Computer Interaction, Knowledge Engineering and Expert Systems - a field within artificial intelligence (AI) aiming to emulate the judgment and behaviour of a human expert. 

Wendy was named by IndustryEra as Top 10 Industry Leaders of 2020, CIO/CDIO of the Year 2021 at the everyWoman Tech Awards, appeared in Hottopics Global CDO/CDIO 100 Awards in both 2022 and 2023, and is one of FinTech Magazine's 2024 Top 100 Women in FinTech.

Wendy is a passionate advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and fostering Purpose-led next generational leadership.   She has five children, and lives between the UK and France.