Viviane Paxinos

Viviane Paxinos

CEO, AllBright

Having worked for the most recognizable brands in the world like MTV, BBC, and Discovery, Viv Paxinos joined AllBright as CEO in June 2022, with over 20 years of experience in creating commercial growth in digital-led businesses and the desire to merge her passion for driving purpose and profits.

As CEO of AllBright, Viv leads a global collective of 500,000 ambitious women committed to creating a more equitable world for all. Based at the Mayfair headquarters of the membership club, Viv was appointed to the leadership role in October 2022 with her extensive experience in driving tangible results and business growth.

Viv passionately believes in the power of the collective is committed to developing global teams who are empowered to achieve results; maintaining a people-first culture through nurturing and mentoring talent to create a best-in-class working environment.