Stephen Bennington

Stephen Bennington

Co-Founder & CEO, Q5D
Stephen trained as a physicist and nuclear engineer. He worked at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, running a research group and designing and building neutron instrumentation and neutron sources. These are large-scale national scientific infrastructure projects, some taking a decade to complete. He also sat on international bodies advising on the design of neutron sources in the US, Japan, China, and elsewhere. He was also a professor at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, UCL, where he ran a group researching hydrogen storage and nanotechnology. In 2011, he founded Cella Energy to make hydrogen storage materials and develop the lightweight power systems that use the materials. The company had collaborations in the aerospace, automotive, and defence sectors and raised around $10 million of investment. In April 2019, he co-founded Q5D Technologies, which uses robotic tools and sophisticated software to automate the manufacture of wiring harnesses. Wiring harnesses are the nervous system of a product, enabling it to function and communicate. It is also the last part of the product that is still made by hand. Q5D's technology has attracted the attention of some of the world's largest automotive and aerospace companies.