Stephan Pretorius

Stephan Pretorius

Global Chief Technology Officer, WPP
United Kingdom

Stephan Pretorius has more than 20 years' experience in marketing and advertising technology and is passionate about helping brands develop the ever-evolving capabilities necessary to deliver groundbreaking customer engagement strategies. 

Stephan joined WPP as its first Chief Technology Officer in October 2018 and is responsible for the company's technology vision and strategy, and for managing its relationship with key technology partners such as Google, Adobe, Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM and Facebook. 

From 2016-2018, Stephan acted first as Chief Technology Officer and then UK Group CEO at Wunderman where he integrated the group's agency and technology offerings to create one of the UK's largest digital agencies with more than 2,000 specialist staff across commerce, marketing technology, consulting and CRM.

Earlier in his career, Stephan recognized the potential of technology-enabled marketing to radically influence the way brands engage with consumers. In 1999, he founded Acceleration, the leading marketing technology consultancy. Acceleration joined WPP in 2012 and became a division of Wunderman in 2016. 

A native of South Africa, Stephan holds a Master's degree in Media & Telecommunications Law from Columbia Law School.