Sam Brearey

Sam Brearey

CEO, Accessercise

Sam Brearey is CEO and co-founder of Accessercise, the world's first complete fitness app for the disabled community, a former professional sailor, three world champion and elite athlete mentor.

Sam also runs a disaster relief charity, Project Fenix, heading the Ukraine operations. Project Fenix provides support to orphanages, disabled veterans and civilians, key medical supplies, military supplies, medic training and more.

Sam also supports vulnerable young people in the UK and has a passion for supporting those in need.

Accessercise is challenging the fitness market and leisure providers with a new standard for inclusion, accessibility and disability equality. Providing specific and bespoke support to different impairments, Accessercise has been built with the disabled community at the forefront.

Sam previously founded and ran an athlete management company which spanned 16 countries, represented 14 sports and supported 30 athletes to win over 60 medals.