Roeland P-JE Decorte

Roeland P-JE Decorte

Founder and CEO, Decorte Future Industries
United Kingdom
Dr Roeland P-JE Decorte is the Founder & CEO of Decorte Future Industries (Techstars 2020; Young Business of the Year 2023), a venture-backed company using machine learning to extract health data from sound. Its technology allows any smartphone or any device with a microphone to provide hospital-grade health analyses anywhere, anytime to anyone. Decorte is also the president of the Artificial Intelligence Founders Association.

Decorte Future Industries is currently validating its technologies through clinical trials in the US, EU and India. It is building a machine learning engine that enables the extraction of complex health data such as cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and gastrointestinal metrics, all from sound collected by standard microphones. The company is partnered with one of the largest hospital chains in the world.