Richard Hoptroff

Richard Hoptroff

CTO, Hoptroff

Co-founder and visionary CTO, Richard Hoptroff,  leads cutting-edge developments in precision timing solutions. With a proven history of technological innovation in AI, Bluetooth, and time synchronisation, he has transformed conceptual technology into indispensable commercial products, revolutionising industries' perception, and utilisation of precise timing. With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Optical Computing from King's College London, he has been active in AI since 1988. He also sits on the Royal Institute of Navigation committee for PNT and AI. A serial entrepreneur, he's founded time-related start-ups in forecasting software, data mining, Bluetooth radio, and ASIC fabrication.

Today, his focus is on delivering hyper-accurate synchronised timing solutions to industrial enterprises, leveraging proprietary software and atomic clocks to establish pioneering global industry standards for unmatched accuracy and reliability. This transition redefines precision timing solutions for the modern world, making accurate timing indispensable for industries worldwide.