Priya Oberoi

Priya Oberoi

General Partner, Goddess Gaia Ventures

Priya Oberoi is a highly accomplished leader whose professional expertise spans over legal and compliance, funds and angel investing, healthcare, and sports.


Priya is currently the General Partner of Goddess Gaia Ventures (GGV), Europe's first women's centric healthcare fund . Priya conceptualised and started to build GGV in 2021 after a long-held belief that women's healthcare is greatly underserved and underfunded and there remains huge, untapped market potential in this investment vertical. GGV invests across the spectrum of women's health at seed +; its investment thesis focuses on 5 core investment themes to create alpha in a cross-pollinated portfolio.  She is also an avid angel investor and has demonstrated access and a winning formula when investing into promising start ups in GGV ‘s investment verticals.


Priya is also the founder of Oberoi Capital Partners, a boutique private placement firm she built from the ground up. She built, managed, and ran the investment firm for over ten years, providing fund raising expertise, strategic business advice and multi-channel scale-up positioning across different asset classes and distinct investment strategies. She from inception, multiplied the firm's bandwidth giving the firm the ability to access the entire investor spectrum from GCC Royal Families to corporate and institutional investors. She has raised funds and led the strategic expansion into the GCC markets for several blue-chip clients. 


Priya is a structured finance and derivatives lawyer by background and training, attaining of-counsel recognition in 2010 at Clifford Chance. She is one of the pioneers of Islamic Derivatives having been an architect of the ISDA-IIFM Tahawut Master Agreement that now is a foundational template for a $1.2 Trillion Industry.


Priya holds a BA (Hons) and MA in Jurisprudence from Oxford University