Pamela Maynard

Pamela Maynard

CEO, Avanade
Pamela Maynard is CEO of Avanade, the leading global provider of digital, cloud, AI and advisory services, industry solutions and design-led experiences across the Microsoft ecosystem. She is passionate about building a people-first culture for Avanade's 60,000+ global employees while driving sustainable, responsible growth centred around client success. Under Pamela's leadership, Avanade has put its purpose of making a genuine human impact at the forefront of the work we do for our clients, their employees and their customers. She's also tied our purpose to the contributions we make in our communities and the planet. Before being named CEO in September 2019, Pamela was President of Product and Innovation, focused on defining and delivering innovative solutions for our clients. Earlier in her Avanade career she was President of our European organization after serving as General Manager of Avanade UK. Throughout her career in the technology industry, Pamela has helped clients rethink how they do business, whether it's to be more resilient in their operations; empower their employees to do more remotely; strengthen customer experience and beyond. She is passionate about using technology as not just an enabler of business, but to support the missions of non-profit organizations and closing the digital divide, especially for young people, so that everyone has an opportunity to participate in the digital world.