Mohammed Al-Emadi

Mohammed Al-Emadi

Senior Manager of Investment, Qatar Development Bank
Mohammed Al-Emadi is a seasoned investment leader at Qatar Development Bank, playing a pivotal role in Qatar's economic diversification efforts. 

He manages a substantial portfolio exceeding $100 million, encompassing both venture capital and private equity investments. This includes directly overseeing over 35 companies and influencing the growth of more than 100 others through managed funds. 

Mohammed's expertise spans across portfolio management, deal structuring, navigating mergers and acquisitions, and spearheading special projects and strategic initiatives. 

His commitment extends beyond his core role. He has actively participated in shaping Qatar's development strategy, spearheaded the National Venture Capital Strategy, and played an instrumental role in establishing the nation's first private venture capital investment management firm. 

Prior to his tenure at the bank, Mohammed's diverse background encompassed roles at Shell and Qatar Energy LNG (previously Qatargas). He also holds board positions within the private sector. 

Mohammed's dedication to lifelong learning is reflected in his academic credentials. He holds an MBA, a Master of Law in International Law and Foreign Affairs, alongside an Accounting & Finance degree. Additionally, he has completed executive programs in leadership and investment from institutions like Harvard Business School, London Business School, and the University of Oxford.