Michael Azoff

Michael Azoff

Chief Analyst Cloud & Data Center Research Practice, Omdia

Michael Azoff Chief Analyst, Omdia, PhD, MSc, BEng, is based out of Elston, Nottinghamshire, England. He is Chief Analyst in the Cloud and Data Center Research Practice, Omdia, part of Informa Tech, where he looks after the Cloud Software and Services Intelligence Stream. Topics coverage range from cloud native computing (microservices, container management, agile/DevOps) to software development lifecycle, observability, artificial intelligence, and more. He provides consulting to clients and supports Informa Tech events. Michael was with Informa companies including Ovum for 17 years until he left in 2020 as Distinguished Analyst to work for Kisaco Research, GigaOm and the UK Home Office, before returning to Omdia/Informa in March 2022. After completing his PhD in the field of solid state electronics at University of Sheffield, Michael worked at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and published academic papers. He went into R&D in industry, building neural networks when backpropagation was invented, had a startup for his Prognostica Microsoft Excel add-in for time series forecasting and published a book on Neural Network Time Series Forecasting (Wiley, 1994). He has a new book out soon Towards Human-Level Artificial Intelligence (CRC Press, 2024).