Lucy Adams

Lucy Adams

Co-founder, martee AI
After studying Human Sciences at Oxford University - where she became fascinated by the intersection of human health, culture, and the environment at the heart of the food system - Lucy began her career as a public policy advisor, consulting on UK and European Food and Health policy. Finding her hunger to be closer to action and her natural leadership energy more suited to being an operator, Lucy transitioned quickly into the world of startups. Notably Lucy was on the early team at rapid grocery startup Weezy, where she led on their fresh grocery assortment strategy, and built their corporate partnerships arm. Lucy was also the first hire in a B2B SaaS startup where she led internal strategy and operations, and became the youngest ever Entrepreneur in Residence at Zinc, joining their environment cohort in 2022. Lucy's superpower is creating structure and direction within the inevitably changing startup environment - she is skilled at empowering others to be part of the journey, and is a smart interdisciplinary learner, able to rapidly engage with, comprehend and direct the moving parts of an organisation.