Lisa Mae Brunson

Lisa Mae Brunson

Founder, Wonder Women Tech

Lisa Mae Brunson is the Founder of Wonder Women Tech, host of the Wonder Women Tech Show Podcast, and a Social Innovation Architect creating global impact. She serves as Chair for the Commission for Technology and Innovation for the City of Long Beach, and is on the board for CSULB Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She is a Duke Corporate Educator for the #1 Corporate Education platform in the world–Duke Corporate Education. Lisa Mae designs hackathons and transformative leadership principles geared towards impacting humanity, and centers culture, identity, leadership and belonging.

As a Black, Latina and Indigenous female, Lisa Mae is passionate about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Humanity. She works with Fortune 500 Companies, Government, Universities, and individuals to address the challenges stemming from lack of inclusion, discrimination, systemic racism, gender parity and more.