Jonathan Bean

Jonathan Bean

CEO, Materials Nexus

Jonathan Bean is a physicist holding an MPhys and PhD, he currently serves as the CEO of Materials Nexus. His expertise spans physics, computing, materials science, manufacturing, and biology, reflecting a rich academic and professional background. 

During his four-year tenure at Cambridge's Materials department, Jonathan played a pivotal role in conceiving and establishing the innovative Materials Nexus technology. This cutting-edge platform employs artificial intelligence to spearhead the development of groundbreaking materials, strategically addressing challenges in sustainability and supply chain management. 

Jonathan's entrepreneurial skills have been evidenced through successfully securing $4 million from investors, including top-tier funds like Ada Ventures, HTGF, and Cambridge Enterprise. At the helm of a diverse 15-member team spread across various functions and locations, Jonathan has fostered a collaborative, multi-disciplinary environment at Materials Nexus. 

Beyond his corporate responsibilities, he serves as a key advisor for the Royal Academy of Engineering, offering valuable strategic insights and making a contribution to the growth and development of emerging leaders across diverse industries. 

Jonathan's influence extends into the venture capital landscape, where he serves as a venture scout for Positron Ventures. In this capacity, he actively seeks and evaluates potential investment opportunities, playing a crucial role in identifying promising companies for venture capital backing.