Jarek Kutylowski

Jarek Kutylowski

Founder & CEO, DeepL
Jaroslaw 'Jarek' Kutylowski is the CEO and founder of DeepL SE, headquartered in Cologne, Germany. Born in Poland, Jarek has an international background, spending a large part of his life in Germany. A developer at heart, he began coding at 10 years old working on personal projects he found useful and applicable in everyday life. He earned a PhD in Computer Science with an emphasis on mathematics, and prior to DeepL worked in several tech companies. DeepL has experienced unprecedented growth under Jarek's leadership by developing the world's most accurate machine translator and a new, highly-contextual AI writing assistant'further cementing DeepL as a leader in AI communication technology. DeepL's suite of communication tools is used by millions of people all over the world, including thousands of businesses in a variety of sectors. Vision and story DeepL was launched in 2017 by a passionate team of engineers and language experts. At the time, there were major developments happening in the field of neural network technology. We experimented with these and the latest advancements in machine translation with the goal of creating the most nuanced and contextual AI translations possible. Our aim all these years later remains the same: to bring people together through accurate communication, and to help organizations reach clients worldwide without a communication barrier standing in their way. Why did you start DeepL? Language has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up in both Germany and Poland, I often switched between speaking Polish and German'and then eventually started working in English. To that end, I always envisioned creating a practical tool like DeepL Translator, that would make peoples' lives easier and more interconnected. So far, the Translator has been pretty successful in accomplishing this. As we grow as a company, we want to take things a step further by enhancing global communications holistically'whether its translating between languages or improving your writing in your native and non-native language . The company is built on sophisticated and constantly improving AI technology that will help us take our impact to the next level.