Francesca Cordeiro

Francesca Cordeiro

Director, CEO, Novai
Professor M Francesca Cordeiro, is the Founder and CEO of Novai Ltd. She is the inventor of DARC Technology, initially funded by the Wellcome Trust through Translational awards, and now being commercialized by Novai. Prof. Cordeiro is also Chair of Ophthalmology Imperial College London, and UCL Professor of Glaucoma & Retinal Neurodegeneration, Honorary Consultant Ophthalmologist Research Lead, Director of the ICORG Clinical Trials Unit at the Western Eye Hospital London, and a Trustee for Fight fo Sight Charity. She has received a number of international awards for this work, including the Lewis Rudin Glaucoma Prize 2005, the Research to Prevent Blindness International Research Scholar Award 2015, the GG2 Diversity Award for Outstanding Achievement in Medicine 2017 and 2019 Duke Elder Award (Royal College of Ophthalmologists) and is frequently a keynote speaker.