Dr. Lisa  Shu
Founder, Negotiations for Start-ups

Dr. Lisa Shu

Dr Lisa Shu is a professor, investor, and advisor. As founder of Negotiation for Startups, she empowers early-stage founders to capture value to supercharge their company missions through equipping them with the vital skill of negotiation. Lisa has 10+ years experience transforming thousands of reluctant negotiators into Confident Deal Architects through delivering 1000+ hours of negotiations training to entrepreneurs and investors.

Previously, Lisa co-founded the Newton Venture Program with London Business School and LocalGlobe VC. Newton offers inclusive training for investors in the venture ecosystem with an explicit mission to democratise access to venture capital for people from typically overlooked and underestimated backgrounds. Newton’s mission is to ensure the next generation of investors represent the world we live in: one where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.