Dr. Lisa  Shu
Founder, Negotiations for Start-ups

Dr. Lisa Shu

Lisa Shu is Founder of the Newton Venture Program and a Negotiations Professor on ScholarSite. Combining a decade of experience teaching negotiations to founders and investors with her own journey as an entrepreneur launching the Newton Venture Program: Lisa is passionate about helping founders create and capture value for the teams they build through equipping them with the vital skill of negotiation. 

Lisa combines academic rigour with practical insight. With expertise grounded in a PhD in Organizational Behavior from the Harvard Business School and faculty positions at London Business School and Kellogg, Lisa has also served as a Special Advisor to LocalGlobe VC, where she has observed countless dealflow meetings and witnessed upfront how early-stage deals are won and lost. A trusted board advisor to various startups, Lisa has personally negotiated long term multi-million deals with a wide range of counterparts including founders of startups, managing directors of investment banks, managing partners of investment firms, and deans of universities.