Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor

Vice President, Strategy & Research, Antenna Group
Emily is a firm believer that gender equity is critical to climate action. She works across systems to elevate women's voices in net zero initiatives. In her roles as Director and Chief Operating Officer, Labour: Women in Tech; Vice Chair, Women+ in Climate Tech; Women's Officer for the Fabian Society Environment Network and City Lead for Women and Climate, she campaigns for carbon-neutral regulation and pushes for industry innovations that see that effort through. Having worked with clients spanning 5 continents in 30+ countries, Emily combines her experience as a seasoned industry research analyst, product marketing and branding specialist with her passion for creative content development when approaching new projects. In the day-to-day, she works at Antenna Group as Senior Director, Strategy & Research to position climate technology companies within an ever-expanding market. Emily has ghost-written content for The New Yorker, TechCrunch, Forbes, Cleantechnica, Smart Cities Dive and Automotive News, and secured client mentions across a number of publications, including: Bloomberg, Axios, The New York Times, TechCrunch, Financial Times, NBC and CNN. In her spare time, Emily volunteers as a mentor for Labour in Communications IMPACT scheme, OkMentor and I Have a Voice among other charities and gets involved with local politics. She loves a glass of Syrah and creative writing in all its forms, best enjoyed together.