Deborah Okenla
CEO, YSYS (Your Startup Your Story)

Deborah Okenla

She is the Founder and CEO of YSYS (Your Startup, Your Story); a community-driven organisation, committed to increasing opportunities for diverse founders and talent within the UK startup ecosystem. 

Since 2017 YSYS has provided access to opportunities for over 17,000 diverse individuals across the UK, through programmes, events, and training, in partnership with Atomico, Spotify, Lego Ventures, FT, Linkedin, Google, and more. 

Deborah sits on the Advisory Board for Coders of Colour, DCMS Digital Council, Telecoms Supply Chain Diversification Advisory Council, and No.10 Innovation Fellowship Programme. 

Deborah is a passionate advocate for black women in entrepreneurship and has been recognised The UK’s Top 100 Black and Minority Ethnic Leaders in Technology by the FT, and Computer Weekly Rising Women in Tech.