David Fearne

David Fearne

Global Head of Generative AI, Cognizant

David heads up generative AI for Cognizant's global Artificial Intelligence and Analytics (AIA) practice, leading efforts to deliver value from Generative AI. He is pioneering the application of enterprise cognitive architecture with generative AI and is currently working on several papers to share Cognizant's research and innovation in this space.

In 2017, David was recognized as one of the 50 most influential people in data, winning his category with the innovative "How Happy is London?" project, a technology platform that was one of the world's largest real-time open-source implementations for large-scale data analytics and AI.

Recently, David was shortlisted for an AIconics award at the 2024 London AI Summit for his groundbreaking work with global partners in addressing complex challenges with GenAI. His collaboration with a government organization led to a breakthrough in the use of Generative AI in remote healthcare. He developed a virtual clinician system that provides population-scale, equitable entry into the health system and streamlines access to tailored health services based on patient diagnosis. Currently undergoing clinical evaluation, this system is designed to diagnose over 900 conditions.

During its development, David created a novel framework for transparency and regulation of regulated generative AI applications, enhancing the virtual clinician's capability to recommend next steps for patient care, closely mirroring human clinical decision-making. This advancement was significant enough to merit a presentation of his findings to an All-Party Parliamentary Group at the Houses of Parliament, highlighting the potential of Generative AI in healthcare and its role in shaping innovation-friendly regulations.