Carron Manning

Carron Manning

Co-Founder & CEO, ChironAI
Carron is the CEO and co-founder of Chiron Health AI, a new data-driven platform which spun out of the Founders Factory Venture Studio in December 2023. The team have created a new data-driven self-care pathway to manage chronic disease in a completely different way - Chiron uses machine learning to help users find personalised self management interventions that are most likely to be successful based on their profile, and then provides a simple way to run multiple iterative micro self-care tests whilst analysing and actioning the results. For patients, it's an affordable, science-backed path to optimising self-management and empowering them to take control of their health with a platform that understands them at an individual level. For healthcare organisations/pharma, it represents a breakthrough model for improving value-based outcomes, reducing health inequity while reducing costly utilisation. A serial entrepreneur, Carron co-founded another digital therapeutic in 2016 (exit 2022) which intelligently prescribes a personalised exercise prescription to help prevent and manage over 20 chronic non-communicable diseases. She is also a clinical specialist Physiotherapist, having worked extensively across the NHS, private practice and professional sport, including with TeamGB Olympic athletes.