Matthew  Fraser
Chief Technology Officer and the Commissioner of the Office of Technology and Innovation, New York City

Matthew Fraser

Matthew C. Fraser is New York City's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the Commissioner of the Office of Technology and Innovation. The Chief Technology Officer plays a central role in City government, coordinating technology-related projects and policy Citywide. The Chief Technology Officer leads the Office and Technology and Innovation which is a consolidation of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, and the former NYC Cyber Command Center, the Mayor’s Office of Information Privacy, the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, and the Algorithms Management and Policy Officer. Consolidating the City’s entire IT agency portfolio, CTO Fraser is uniquely qualified to put forward a central strategy that will bring agility, efficiency, and modernization to the City’s IT infrastructure. He is committed to the democratization of technology by expanding broadband and the use of technology products and services in a manner that is equitable and user-centered. CTO Fraser also administers the newly-created Joint Security Operations Center (JSOC), a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity hub which allows city, state and federal entities to coordinate efforts to combat cyber threats.

Most recently, CTO Fraser served as Deputy Commissioner for Information Technology at the New York Police Department (NYPD), where he oversaw the successful launch of several initiatives, including community-based initiatives such the NYPD On-Line Reporting Service, which allows members of the public to report low-level crimes, as well as initiatives focused on crime reduction and precision policing. CTO Fraser spearheaded the efforts to leverage technology to address violent crime conditions by expanding of Citywide gunshot detection coverage and the number of ARGUS cameras deployed across the City, and by rehabilitating security cameras covering NYCHA housing developments. These efforts led to faster response times and provided additional context for responding officers to aid in swift apprehension of violent perpetrators. CTO Fraser also led the development and deployment of the NYPD’s first digital workforce management suite of applications, providing Department leadership with real-time access to workforce availability and detailed resource assignment information. 

CTO Fraser has over 17 years of information technology experience across government and the private sector, including with the NYPD, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, the Mayor’s Office, the NYC Department of Buildings and as a Director of Consulting Services at Gartner.

CTO Fraser is a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, NY.