Clea  Kolster, PhD
Partner and Head of Science, Lower Carbon Capital

Clea Kolster, PhD

Clea is a Partner and the Head of Science at Lowercarbon Capital where she leads on investments, technical research, and scientific strategy efforts across the Lowercarbon's remit and portfolio in industrial and transport decarbonization, electrification, energy storage, fusion, and carbon removal. Prior to joining Lowercarbon, Clea's career has been guided by focusing on critical areas for decarbonization: from working on hazardous waste treatment management namely on refrigerant management, to working on clean energy access in West and East Africa, and most recently on hard core decarbonization and utility management work while at E3 where she led resource planning and decarbonization strategy work for state agencies, utilities, and the largest energy asset owners across North America. Clea holds a PhD and MEng in chemical engineering and environmental policy from Imperial College London where she focused on techno-economic, process and reservoir modelling of carbon capture and storage systems. 


Lowercarbon Capital has over $1 billion in assets under management across early stage companies with solutions to 1) reducing emissions in all sectors, 2) removing CO2 from the atmosphere, or 3) buying more time for those on the front lines most impacted by climate change.