Avneesh Prakash

Avneesh Prakash

Co-Founder & CEO, CAMB.AI
With over three decades of experience in the technology sector, Avneesh has been at the forefront of innovating, creating, and scaling digital businesses. His journey includes pivotal roles at leading corporations such as the TATA Group of India, Zee Network, and IDEMIA, where he contributed significantly to their digital transformation and growth. Specializing in areas like digital media, digital identity, and IoT, Avneesh has also championed inclusion themes globally, focusing on digital, financial, and language inclusivity. His leadership at CAMB.AI, a Future 100 company in the UAE, underscores his commitment to breaking down language barriers, enabling stories to resonate globally. Alongside co-founder Akshat Prakash, Avneesh has pioneered the use of AI in storytelling, allowing CAMB.AI to lead the way in AI-powered dubbing, making the Emirati film director Nayla Al Khaja's film "THREE" a global sensation. This achievement is a testament to their mission of empowering creators and viewers, ensuring universal access to content across entertainment, sports, education, and healthcare. CAMB.AI recently created history when it?live-streamed the first sporting event in the world in 4 languages - a Major League Soccer game completely translated with CAMB's AI technology. Avneesh's foundational contribution to India's Aadhaar program, which provided digital identities to over a billion individuals, highlights his impact on technological advancements with a human-centric approach. Currently, Avneesh is dedicated to enabling creators worldwide to share their narratives through CAMB.AI's groundbreaking technology, ensuring that every story can be told in every language, fostering a more inclusive and connected world.