Alex Bornyakov

Alex Bornyakov

Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT industry development, Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Alex Bornyakov is a visionary in the technology field, who actively participates in shaping the IT sector in Ukraine. As the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Alex's mission extends to transforming his homeland into one of the premier European IT hubs. He believes in the IT sector's potential as a driving force for Ukraine's post-war recovery. With over a decade of experience in the IT industry, Alex has risen from the ranks of a system administrator to the owner of his own IT company, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the industry's internal workings. 

His responsibilities are covering all aspects of communication with the IT industry and its development. He oversees a broad range of sectors, including E-residency, crypto-assets, AI, and the startup ecosystem. Alex's ambition is to elevate Ukraine into the top five European countries in terms of startups per capita. 

Alex Bornyakov's achievements include notable projects like Diia.City. This unique legal and tax space is fostering IT business development in Ukraine and advancing the country as a high-tech digital state. There are currently around 1000 Ukrainian and international companies are the Diia.City resident's.  

In the Ministry, Alex Bornyakov is also responsible for the development of Brave1, a platform dedicated to fostering technological innovation in defense. The focus is on life-saving technologies, prioritizing the creation and implementation of innovative solutions aimed at protecting people. This initiative strengthens Ukraine's capacity for self-defense. 

Alex Bornyakov had co-founded and successfully managed a number of companies, including Adtelligent, an American video monetization platform, and Intersog, an outsourcing company that was included in the TOP-5 App Developers in Chicago according to Clutch. He also co-founded WannaBiz, a business incubator, and Hillel, a computer school. 

Holding an MBA from the University of New Brunswick and an MPA from Columbia University, Alex Bornyakov combines an entrepreneurial spirit with a strong education. With his global expertise, he effectively applies practical knowledge to his government position. His ongoing efforts continue to drive Ukraine forward as a major player in global tech development.