Melissa  Gollan
CEO/Founder, Ripa

Melissa Gollan

RIPA Global isa new global ESG platform for ethical payments bidirectional data. RIPA deploys payments and spend instructions direct to the phone of the recipients anyway in the world using cloud technology.

B2Gfocused to assist forward thinking governments to harness the power of technology to eliminate fraud, cost, compliance and carbon for welfare, health, and remote worker payments.

Founder, Mel Gollan, reverse engineered the entire payments and compliance process to deliver 100% control and compliance. Her deep domain experience helped to build a globally unique solution to solve the problems of payment disburements and take an immediate bite out of our carbon footprint using clean automation.

Mel Gollan is one part executive, one part entrepreneur. Mel’s passion lies in innovating to defy all odds; designing technology that transforms government sand the lives of the people who use it. A descendant of a New Zealand Maori Chief, she’s a natural self starter and born leader, who believes in the combined power of discipline and hard work. Through her vision and sharp business acumen, she developed a simple solution to an extraordinary problem.

“RIPA Global is a company that uses emotional intelligence to design products, it’s my responsibility as a human and a Mother to do all I can to elevate humanity & protect our earth”.