Su Le
Chief Digital Officer & Chief Strategy Officer, Tonomus

Su Le

Su leads the transformation and digital strategy across Tonomus’ business units and heads up the strategic incubation for data products, including its consent platform. He is also responsible for all software development under the Tonomus cognitive solutions practice.

Working with leading international technology partners, Su and his team are building the cognitive foundations of cities, ensuring the ability to connect, to compute and to contextualize, using data where and when it is needed, and bringing the power of analytics to decision making.

In his previous role at Tonomus as Executive Director, Head of Platforms, Applications and Data, Su was responsible for formulating the vision and delivery of a city-wide operating system that weaves into everything physical and virtual, acting as NEOM’s neural system.

Su has had a diverse and progressive career in major enterprises like Cisco and rapid-growth start-ups like Uptake, an industrial analytics platform leader, where he built and led the retail and supply chain verticals. Prior to joining Tonomus, he was General Manager, Internet of Things for Customer Experience at Cisco. He captured increased revenue and adoption and positioned the enterprise with differentiated services and solutions to boost client retention and ROI. While at Cisco, he also served as Practice Lead for the Internet of Everything Practice.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from the University of California at Davis.