Dr. Jamshid Vayghan
Global CTO & Vice President , IBM

Dr. Jamshid Vayghan

Dr. Jamshid Vayghan is IBM’s Global CTO & Vice President leading technical engagements with Vodafone Group and its Operating Companies across the globe.  In this role, he works directly with Vodafone on digital transformation and innovation in Enterprise IT and Telecommunication Network. 

Prior to his current position, he was Global CTO for Application Development and Management Innovation at IBM Global Business Services leading cloud and AI based initiatives in many industries including banking, insurance, & retail.  His previous roles included IBM CTO in Latin America leading digital transformation, blockchain and innovation and  CTO for IBM’s own internal digital transformation leading data, AI, and enterprise architecture initiatives. 

His multi-disciplinary career, training, education, and work experience in 4 continents, different cultures and locations have turned him into a global leader with hands-on, “roll up the sleeves” leadership style, capable of diving into details where required, while still retaining the capacity to look at the large picture & focus on long-term impact of decisions & strategy on business outcomes, customer experience, & cost.

 He is an expert in organic technical talent development, leading large distributed technical teams on innovation, architecture, design & development, and delivery.  In parallel to his career in business, he has been a university professor teaching graduate courses in software engineering and intersection of technology and business.

He holds Ph.D in AI with specialization in Machine Learning and Data Mining, MS in AI with focus on Robotics, and BS in Chemical & Petrochemical Engineering.