Olivia Simpson
CEO, SymbioTex

Olivia Simpson

After seeing the extent of single use medical plastic waste whilst on placement in the NHS, Olivia founded SymbioTex. Every year in the UK alone over 60 million inhalers are distributed and only 0.5% ever get recycled.

SymbioTex aims to licence its patented technology to current manufactures - allowing them to create the same class 1 medical devices but this time they will be home compostable. 

SymbioTex uses seaweed- a renewable material source which sequesters carbon as it grows! Unlike bioplastics SymbioTex’s material is home compostable, creates no harmful products upon disposal and does not compete with land used for crops. 

Olivia is working hard to ensure a positive social impact through meeting 9 out of 17 UN SDGs and working closely with the seaweed farms. Olivia recently won Version & Unloc Young Entrepreneur 2023. SymbioTex has established partnerships with many organisations such as;  NHS trusts, Medilink, 2M, Ishga, OceanHealthcare, coveris, Haughton Design and Amies innovation!