Erika Brodnock
Founder, Karisma Kidz and Kami

Erika Brodnock

Erika Brodnock is an award-winning entrepreneur (including Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Intel's Global Business Challenge), philanthropist, life coach and keynote speaker. 

Educated at top UK institutions, Erika is an entrepreneurial and driven MBA and PhD in the Inclusion Initiative at LSE, with 12 years of coaching, wellbeing and inclusion experience, currently researching how artificial intelligence can be used as a force for good in the democratisation of access to perinatal support and enhanced parental wellbeing. 

Through her work at the intersection of technology, wellbeing and product development, Erika has built products and services in the ed-tech, child and parental wellbeing markets that disrupt and spearhead a path out of outdated systems. 

Erika is Sky News’ resident parenting expert; founder of software companies Karisma Kidz and Kami; a Non-Executive Director of The Good Play Guide; and she serves on the advisory board of the APPG for Entrepreneurship.