2022 Sessions

Take a look back at some of our favourite sessions from London Tech Week 2022 and relive the memorable and inspirational discussions that took place from our headline stage as well as from our thought-provoking anchor events EQL:HER, HealthTech, ClimateTech, Elevating Founders and Global Leaders Innovation Summit.

Opening London Tech Week 2022: The UK as a Leading Light for Tech Innovation

This year we had the pleasure of having The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP and The Rt Hon Nadine Dorries open London Tech Week 2022. Watch back as they talks how the UK is a leading light for Tech Innovation.

Up for the Challenge - How is the UK Building a Dynamic and Thriving Tech Sector?

Watch back as Sue Daley, Chris Philip MP, Darren Hardman and Priya Guha discuss how the UK is Building a Dynamic and Thriving Tech Sector, as well as how the sector will continue to develop and thrive and how does the UK government strategy on innovation and skills support our scale-ups and entrepreneurs to achieve success? 

Trust or Bust? The Power of a Purpose-driven Organisation

Watch back as Paul Spiers, Charu Bjuvestig, Hilary Sutcliffe and Inna Braverman join our Future of work Panel to discuss

- Reconnecting to purpose and to each other 

- The more urgent the need for employees to upskill and adapt, the more essential it is to define your purpose; coming together around a collective mission that set the tone for the future.

- As employees want greater control over their careers, lives and wellbeing how must businesses adapt to meet these needs? - How do we improve and articulate the employer value proposition? (to attract new and emerging talent?)

- Working with mission-oriented people – how do we stop burnout?

Building and Sustaining a Thriving Tech Industry

Watch back as June Sarpong OBE, Sarah Kiefer, Alexa Sinyachova and Rachael Palmer joined our Headline stage to discuss Building and Sustaining a thriving Tech Industry.

The Energy Reality: Talking nuclear, geopolitics and war in Europe.

We were delighted to be joined by Greg Hands MP, Sebastian Heitmann, Elizabeth Nyeko, Damian Kimmelman and Nick Hawker for our Energy Reality panel. Watch back as they discuss

- Influencing governments and nudging consumers    

-    Nuclear fusion, blocking the sun, autonomous trains, planes and automobiles… how should governments approach the regulation of technologies only recently considered science fiction? 

-    How should founders pitch the government when there is no precedent? 

-    Can Brexit Britain become a centre for innovation and embrace the new climate tech reality? 

-    Have we become obsessed with tech to the detriment of nature-based solutions?

Carbon 101: ratings, removals, offsets, markets, policy

Watch back as Madelene Larsson, Sebastien Cross, Chris Coleridge, Brennan Spellacy and Guy Hudson as they covers everything you need to know about carbon - from offsets and ratings, to voluntary markets and regulation. 

Building A Better Future

Watch back as Sarah Healey, Katica Roy, Sophie Neary and Holly Landy as they discuss how we can support the mission to help grow the global tech for good movement and celebrate success stories which demonstrate the potential of tech for good, where it is being used and developed to help create a better world.

The Dark Secrets and Paradoxes of Venture

Watch back as David Hickson, Elodie Robin-Guillerm and Charles Seely discuss the dark secrets and paradoxes of venture including;

  • VCs will invest in your company if you can return their fund - even when they know you probably won't
  • Why an investor shouldn’t invest in one startup at these prices, but should invest in 30
  • Why (some) VCs don’t care about your 5x return
  • Why VCs don’t set the price, the market sets the price

Making Sense of the Worlds Newest Technologies: NFTs to Web3

Watch back as Ryan Browne, Lauren Ingram, Shelley Mannion and Yong Cong Choy took to the Elevating Founders stage to demystify some of the world's newest technologies from NFT's to Web3.

HealthTech Summit Opening Keynote at London Tech Week 2022

Watch back as Dr Umang Patel, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Microsoft UK gives a fascinating keynote to open HealthTech Summit at London Tech Week 2022, discussing the exponential growth in the data generated in healthcare and what that means for health systems with some predications about what patient care will look like in the not too distant future.

Re-defining Responsible Leadership & Humanising Tech

Watch back as Mursal Hedayat MBE and Dr Ali Parsa took to the Global Leaders Innovation Stage to discuss Re-defining Responsible Leadership & Humanising Tech, including how new leaders around the world are bringing their own diverse experiences to shape and inform how they lead responsibly, by creating new organisational and societal value through responsible innovation of emerging technology.