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Wednesday 12 June 2024

Tromero Tailor Launch

Tromero Stand: P103
Tromero Tailor Launch

Tromero, a startup building an AI Training and Hosting Cloud, is excited to announce the launch of Tailor AI, a new product designed to easily migrate your POC with OpenAI to your own self-hosted privacy preserving model.

With the increasing demand for efficient AI model development, Tromero Tailor, addresses the need for simplicity and affordability in AI training. The process is remarkably user-friendly, requiring just two lines of code to begin recording requests and responses from OpenAI's API. Users can then select their preferred base model and initiate fine-tuning with a single click. The resulting model is twice as fast and users can deploy it with a click of a button. Tromero Tailor, is also 50% cheaper than GPT-4o when hosted on Tromero GPU Clusters or can be hosted on the users cloud (yes, users can even use their own credits).

Key Features and Benefits:

  •     Two-Line Integration: Start recording requests and responses from OpenAI's API effortlessly.
  •     One-Click Fine-Tuning: Choose your base model and fine-tune with just one click, simplifying the entire process.
  •     Seamless Deployment: Deploy your fine-tuned model instantly with one more click, eliminating the traditional complexities associated with model deployment.
  •     Cost Efficiency: Utilize your existing credits from any other platforms, making this solution highly cost-effective.

For more information about our new product, Tailor AI, please visit or schedule an introduction call with us here:

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