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Sunday 24 March 2024

Tesla Reaches 200,000 Deliveries in the United Kingdom

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Tesla Reaches 200,000 Deliveries in the United Kingdom

With the United Kingdom recently celebrating 1,000,000 electric vehicles sold*, almost one fifth of all EVs on UK roads are Tesla.

10 years ago the first deliveries of the Model S began, with Elon Musk handing over the first cars to customers in the UK. Since then, Tesla has contributed to the UK’s adoption of sustainable energy and electric vehicles with over 200,000 deliveries and more than 1,400 Superchargers at 140 locations.

Across four vehicles, the Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla vehicles have won a number of awards and set the benchmark for the automotive industry in terms of performance, cost of ownership and most of all safety. In 2022 Model Y received the highest Overall Score among any vehicle tested under Euro NCAP’s newest, most stringent test protocol at the time.

Country Sales and Delivery Manager Michael Oates comments: “Reaching this milestone of 200,000 deliveries shows how far Tesla have contributed to the UK’s transition to sustainable energy. More and more customers are not just looking towards Tesla as an option for sustainability, but also for safety and affordability”

In these 10 years, Tesla has established a robust direct-to-customer sales and service model across 40 locations in the UK. Tesla also services 50% of all its vehicles using mobile servicing, allowing customers to arrange for a vehicle service whether at home or whilst at the office. The company is also building its second Tesla Body Repair Centre in the UK, building confidence in its own parts and repair network in addition to its 65+ Tesla Approved Body Repair Centres.

With over 1,400 employees in the UK, Tesla is significantly contributing to the acceleration of sustainable energy in the UK. The Tesla Powerwall allows for homes with solar to capture their renewable energy and store this for consumption later when fossil fuel based energy sources supply the energy grid.

To date, Tesla has the 3 largest operational battery energy storage systems in Europe by capacity. In the UK alone, Tesla currently has over 1GWh of deployed Megapacks across 15 sites, which can store and dispatch energy from sustainable energy sources like solar and wind. The amount of energy in these sites is roughly equivalent to the daily energy needs of 100,000 homes. Tesla Megapacks enable electricity grids like National Grid to affordably and reliably transition to a higher penetration of sustainable energy sources so that our Tesla vehicles customers and EV owners everywhere are ultimately charging from sustainable sources.

Here are some more highlights from the Tesla journey across the United Kingdom:

  • 2014 - Model S launched in the UK in June 2014 at a launch event hosted by Elon Musk. The Model S paved the way for the electric vehicle revolution, proving that that first mass-produced sedan can outperform internal combustion equivalents on performance, cost of ownership and emissions.
  • 2014 - The first Supercharger was energised at Royal Victoria Docks.
  • 2016 - Model X orders began in the UK, the first electric SUV with stunning falcon wing doors, Ludicrous performance and a low centre of gravity for enhanced safety.
  • 2019 - Model 3 launched in 2019 on UK at £38,900 winning over 50 awards and setting the benchmark for electric vehicles at scale, quality and cost.
  • 2022 - Model Y launched in the UK, quickly becoming the most popular vehicle in the world. The midsize SUV found its success due to the £399 monthly cost** or £44,990 starting price, large space and long range, offering the perfect combination of safety and utility.
  • 2023 – Tesla opens its V4 Supercharger in the UK, designed from the ground-up for all EVs. The UK’s launch, hosted by Jesse Norman, Minister for Transport was the first Tesla Supercharger to offer a contactless card reader for non-Tesla owners to benefit from 99% uptime, low charge costs and 250kW speeds.
  • 2023 – Tesla launches its Certified Pre-Owned vehicle programme, with a focus on improving affordability of Tesla vehicles to a wider range of audiences, with prices from around £25,000.
  • 2024 – Tesla launches the Upgraded Model 3 in the UK, iterating on the Model 3’s success offering a combination between a premium vehicle and affordable costs at just £39,990.


*According to figures from the SMMT, 1,000,000 electric vehicle milestone achieved in January 2024.

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