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Monday 3 June 2024

Tech Destination Pakistan

Tech Destination Pakistan Stand: 555
Tech Destination Pakistan
Pakistan - A go to Tech destination for all

Pakistan's IT sector is no longer a hidden gem but a burgeoning global player, inviting international collaboration and investment. As the nation positions itself as a prime destination for tech innovation, its participation in London Tech Week marks a significant milestone. Pakistan's IT industry, already a top-five export earner, is driven by a skilled workforce, competitive costs, and a robust digital infrastructure. The sector is set to highlight its strengths at London Tech Week with nine leading exhibitors, reinforcing the United Kingdom's position as Pakistan's second-largest export market for IT/ITeS products and services.


Pakistan's IT sector is experiencing remarkable growth, becoming a focal point for international tech collaboration. With a population of 233 million, the nation's dynamic IT industry is primed for substantial expansion. Key to this success is Pakistan’s human capital, offering IT solutions at significantly reduced costs—up to 70% lower than North America. The nation's education system supports this with over 250 universities producing approximately 75,000 IT graduates annually. These graduates are increasingly skilled in emerging technologies such as cybersecurity, data science, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, making Pakistan a highly attractive outsourcing destination as highlighted by Kearney’s Global Location Index 2023.

A thriving freelance community further bolsters Pakistan's IT sector. The nation consistently ranks among the top contributors on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, providing companies with access to a vast pool of skilled professionals for project-based work or specific expertise. The robust digital infrastructure, supported by eight international submarine communication cables and an internet penetration rate exceeding 56%, ensures reliable connectivity crucial for global collaboration.

The establishment of over 100 Software Technology Parks, driven by entities like the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) and the Special Technology Zones Authority, offers physical infrastructure, tax incentives, and mentorship programs, fostering innovation and accelerating the growth of tech startups. This vibrant domestic tech ecosystem is further strengthened by leading universities such as Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), which are at the forefront of research and development in cutting-edge technologies.

At London Tech Week, nine leading Pakistani tech companies—Systems Limited, Airlink, 365 Care Private Limited, Bright Solutions, Mazik Pakistan, Visnext Software Solutions, Out2sol, Climaxcode Technology Private Limited, and Abacus Consulting—will showcase their innovative solutions. This event underscores the strategic importance of the United Kingdom as Pakistan’s second-highest export destination for IT/ITeS products and services.

The Pakistani government’s active support through startup incubators, accelerators, and significant incentives for foreign investors further strengthens the IT sector’s growth trajectory. With 100% company ownership, minimal tax rates on exports, and full repatriation of profits and dividends, Pakistan is positioning itself as a prime location for tech investment.

Join us at London Tech Week to explore the immense potential of Pakistan's IT sector. Visit the Pakistan pavilion to connect with leading tech companies and discover innovative solutions poised to shape the future of technology. For more information, visit the official website of the Pakistan Software Export Board at

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