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Friday 17 May 2024

Scoby Analytics Introduces Groundbreaking Privacy-Respecting Web Analytics Solution

Scoby Analytics Stand: German Pavilion, 456

In today’s digital landscape, the balance between effective web analytics and user privacy has become increasingly crucial. As privacy regulations tighten and users become more aware of digital tracking, businesses need innovative solutions that respect privacy without sacrificing the quality of insights. Scoby Analytics, led by CEO Peter Viergutz, addresses this challenge head-on with a revolutionary platform designed to optimize website performance while maintaining the highest standards of privacy.


Scoby Analytics is redefining the field of web analytics with its unique, privacy-respecting approach. Traditional analytics tools often rely on invasive tracking methods and require explicit user consent, which can disrupt the user experience and lead to significant data loss. Scoby Analytics, however, utilizes a session-based model that focuses on analyzing user sessions rather than tracking individual users. This method allows for the collection of meaningful data without the need for intrusive consent mechanisms.

Key features of Scoby Analytics include:

    •    Privacy-First Design: Scoby Analytics is built with privacy at its core, ensuring compliance with global privacy laws and regulations. By focusing on session data instead of personal user data, it provides valuable insights while respecting user privacy.
    •    Seamless Integration: The platform integrates effortlessly with existing web infrastructures, enabling businesses to implement it without significant changes or disruptions. This ease of integration ensures that businesses can quickly start benefiting from Scoby’s insights.
    •    Robust Insights: Despite its privacy-centric approach, Scoby Analytics offers deep, comprehensive insights into website performance and user behavior. These insights help businesses make informed decisions to optimize their digital strategies.
    •    Resilience to Anti-Tracking Technologies: With the increasing use of ad blockers and anti-tracking tools, many traditional analytics platforms face challenges in data accuracy and completeness. Scoby Analytics remains effective and accurate, ensuring reliable data collection even in such environments.

As businesses increasingly adopt privacy-centric approaches to comply with regulations and meet user expectations, Scoby Analytics stands out as a leading solution. By providing powerful analytics without compromising on privacy, Scoby Analytics is poised to become the go-to choice for website operators seeking to navigate the complexities of modern web analytics.

CEO Peter Viergutz and the Scoby Analytics team invite you to explore their innovative platform at London Tech Week, where live demonstrations will showcase how this privacy-respecting solution can transform your digital strategy. For more information, please visit or contact Sebastian Müller at

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