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Tuesday 28 May 2024

Nook Selected as Official Meeting Space Partner for London Tech Week

Nook Selected as Official Meeting Space Partner for London Tech Week
A row of Nook recharge pods at an event

This partnership underscores the pivotal role that London Tech Week plays in driving the economy, fostering innovation, and facilitating networking opportunities among industry leaders, startups, and tech enthusiasts.

Attendees of London Tech Week will find Nook pods strategically placed across the event floor at the Olympia from 10-12 June 2024, offering free and accessible, mindful moments for everyone. This initiative highlights London Tech Week's commitment to inclusivity and support for all attendees. Notably, Nook pods are certified as sensory support spaces, catering to neurodivergent minds by providing stimulation-reduction in a psychologically safe and soothing environment, something which has benefits for all.

Nook is thrilled to contribute to the success of London Tech Week by enhancing the attendee experience with our thoughtfully designed meeting & recharge spaces. We believe that by offering spaces where innovation can flourish and connections can be made in a revitalising setting, we are helping to foster the very essence of what makes London Tech Week a landmark event in the global tech calendar.

About London Tech Week:

London Tech Week is a premier global event that showcases the best of tech innovation and thought leadership. Bringing together a diverse array of speakers, exhibitors, and attendees, the week-long festival celebrates the vibrant technology landscape of London. It provides a platform for discussions on cutting-edge advancements, trends, and the future of the digital world, while also offering invaluable networking opportunities.

About Nook Pods:

Nook pods are versatile, mobile spaces designed to provide quiet, comfortable environments where individuals can recharge and connect. These pods are ideal for moments of reflection, private discussions, or simply taking a break from the bustling event atmosphere. Featuring sound-dampening materials and a calming design based on principles of neuroinclusivity, Nooks create a safe setting for focused conversations and rejuvenation.

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Media Contact:
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About Nook:

Based out of Bristol UK, Nook is dedicated to creating versatile and inclusive spaces that support focus, creativity, and wellbeing. Our award-winning wellness-certified pods are used worldwide in offices, events, education, hospitality, libraries, museums and more, helping individuals and teams thrive in their environments.

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