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Thursday 30 May 2024

Introducing Vieunite Pro: A Ground-breaking New Digital Medium for Business Communication

Vieunite Stand: Startup Pod
Introducing Vieunite Pro: A Ground-breaking New Digital Medium for Business Communication
Textura Pro in action

Birmingham, UK – Vieunite, a subsidiary of Allsee Technologies, proudly announces the official launch of Vieunite Pro, a revolutionary digital medium that sets a new standard in business communication and customer engagement. This innovative solution blends expertly curated artwork, a texture-accurate digital canvas, and a sophisticated content management system (CMS) to create a unique category in the digital display market.

Vieunite Pro comprises three key elements:

  1. Textura Pro Digital Canvas: An advanced display that replicates the intricate textures and details of traditional artwork, providing a visually captivating experience.
  2. Expertly Curated Artwork: A collection of high-quality artworks curated by renowned cultural experts, ensuring a rich and diverse selection.
  3. Vieunite Pro Portal: A powerful, user-friendly CMS that allows seamless management and scheduling of content, enhancing both customer engagement and internal communication.

Vieunite Pro is not just another digital signage solution. By showcasing exquisite artwork on the texture-accurate Textura Pro canvas, businesses can captivate and inspire their audiences. This engagement can then be leveraged to deliver impactful messaging, such as promotions and brand-building content, as well as internal communications aimed at boosting employee morale.

As the founder of Vieunite and with over 17 years of experience in the digital signage industry, Dr Baoli Zhao recognised the need for a more engaging and versatile communication tool. "Traditional digital signage has become so commonplace that it often fails to capture attention," said Dr Zhao. "Vieunite Pro bridges this gap by combining stunning visual art with practical business messaging, creating an immersive experience that captivates audiences and makes communication more effective."

Key Features and Benefits

  • Captivating Audiences: The texture-accurate display technology ensures stunning realism in artwork, capturing viewers' attention.
  • Seamless Messaging: Businesses can seamlessly deliver promotional content and brand messages once the audience's attention is secured.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: Displays team photos, event highlights, and curated art pieces to boost employee morale.
  • User-Friendly Management: The Vieunite Pro Portal offers comprehensive control, allowing users to create playlists, schedule content, and manage displays from a single interface.
  • Curated Collections: Offers diverse artwork selections categorised by style, industry, mood, and theme, through partnerships with renowned galleries.

Our solution transforms business environments by making them more engaging and aesthetically pleasing. The handcrafted wooden frames of the Textura Pro, available in various finishes, can be easily swapped to match any decor.

Vieunite Pro is more than a product; it is an invitation to join a revolution in business communication. By integrating art and technology, Vieunite Pro opens new possibilities for creating memorable experiences and fostering meaningful connections. Businesses and artists are encouraged to be part of this transformative journey.

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