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Friday 26 April 2024

Who are Startups Magazine?

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Who are Startups Magazine?

Startups Magazine is a publication which champions tech startups - the entrepreneurial heroes disrupting industries and the creators’ challenging norms and breaking boundaries. 

In print and online, the Startups Magazine team works hard to deliver unique content to startups providing valuable insights from industry experts, advice on business fundamentals and most importantly - a platform to introduce tech startups to the world stage.

Subscribers of the publication have access to so much! You can read gold-dust content from experts, receive upcoming issues, be the first to be invites to events and can have their own startup featured editorially! You can subscribe for free here -

Alongside the magazine, the company also has a podcast called The Cereal Entrepreneur where they interview the most innovative startups of the moment! As well as talking about some startup lessons and failure fables with a sprinkling of inspirational advice from experts and startups themselves. 

They also host their own awards for the industry. The Hustle Awards, happening on 18th July 2024, will be a momentous occasion, bringing together visionaries, disruptors, and industry stalwarts for an evening of celebration and recognition. The event will serve as a platform to connect, network, and honour the outstanding contributions of entrepreneurial trailblazers who have significantly impacted their respective fields.

For more information about the Hustle Awards and details on nominations, please visit,

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