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2020 Marks a Decade of Action

Nominations are open for Tech in Action – a 12 week three-part series recognising extraordinary tech for the extraordinary times we are in

At the start of 2020, the tech sector appeared to be moving towards a trend of purpose-driven innovation, and the companies set to survive and thrive in the new decade were those using technology to accelerate positive change. Then came one of the largest and most disruptive health emergencies the modern world has ever seen. COVID-19 has brought unprecedented change to our daily lives. It is impossible to predict how we will emerge from the current situation, but we must take great solace from how the tech industry is rallying together to find solutions, not just to our health emergency, but to the challenges of our time.

This June to September, #LTWConnects embarks on a three-part series, Tech in Action, to provide critical content for the critical times we are in. We start with a call to industry for nominations from companies of all sizes and institutions globally, who are using technology as a force for good in three critical areas. Across twelve weeks this summer, we have the privilege to share and spotlight remarkable stories from the Tech in Action series, and recognise the role of technology to tackle the world’s toughest challenges.


COVID-19 Action Spotlight

When faced with the challenges of COVID-19, the global tech community responded in a war-like spirit of innovation, displaying extraordinary mettle and might to pivot at pace, to save lives, and minimise social and economic loss. From Formula 1 companies that are now producing ventilators, to the use of AI to detect and contain the spread of the virus, tech companies the world-over are accelerating innovation to maintain the pulse of everyday life. The COVID-19 Action Spotlight recognises the extraordinary contributions tech companies have made in the fight against the virus across six critical areas. We are calling for nominations from companies of all sizes and institutions globally who are using technology to make an extraordinary contribution in response to those challenges in the areas of:

Detection & Containment; Telehealth; Supply & Logistics; EdTech; Privacy & Safeguarding; and Collaboration.


Game Changers in Tech

Upon the outbreak of COVID-19, the world looked to the tech sector for solutions to the crisis that emerged. The pandemic put the lens on the role of technology to not only respond to our global health emergency, but the ongoing climate emergency and the major challenges of our time. We highlight six key areas where tech is showing world changing potential, we call for nominations from companies of all sizes and institutions globally who are using technology to respond to these critical challenges covering:

Climate; Health; Education; Creativity; Food; and Cities.


LTW Tech for Good UK Roadshow

Whatever the weather or lockdown measures, this summer the LTW Tech for Good UK Roadshow will take you on a virtual journey to explore the most extraordinary tech stories across the UK. From Silicon Glen in Scotland to the Silicon Roundabout in Shoreditch, Cleantech pioneers in the South West to VR therapy in the North East, the Tech for Good UK Roadshow will shine a light on the unsung heroes and remarkable tech companies, social enterprise initiatives, and innovators in each of the twelve regions of the UK who are using technology as a force for good:

South West; South East; London; East of England; East Midlands; West Midlands; Wales; North West; Yorkshire & the Humber; North East; Scotland; and Northern Ireland.


Apply Now

Its free to enter and open to organisations of all sizes, tech initiatives globally, governments, and in one case… teachers! So if you are or know an organisation that deserves some recognition apply now and spread the word >> APPLY NOW – NOMINATIONS OPEN UNTIL JUNE 12 <<

For more info get in touch info@londontechweek.com

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