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Telecom’s 5G Future – IBM Research Insights

By Bob Fox, Marisa Viveros, and Rob van den Dam

This report explores and analyses how to create new revenue streams and services with 5G, edge computing, and AI.

Report Talking Points

5G will enable new groundbreaking use cases in virtually every industry

The congregation of 5G, edge computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to enable entirely new use cases in vertical industries and accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0.

Consumers see value in 5G and would even switch providers for better video quality
Consumers have high expectations for 5G, and many are willing to pay extra—even
switch to a different provider—for a better mobile video experience and/or for future immersive media applications.

AI at the network edge will lay the foundation for ultra-low latency 5G applications
Locating AI close to the edge is crucial for applications where near-real-time feedback and decision-making are a priority for applications. This will enable previously unimagined latency-dependent wireless solutions.

More than ever, communications service providers need to rely on the latest solutions related to 5G, (hybrid) cloud, artificial intelligence, edge computing, platform technology and blockchain to enable the digital transformation of the network needed to thrive in today’s environment. IBM has an extensive global network of telecom solution labs, research labs and innovation centers to support its industry offerings. With more than 22,000 subject matter experts in the communications industry, we work with more than 200 major communications service providers across the globe. IBM continues to invest significantly in key acquisitions to add expertise and capabilities that enable clients in this industry.

Learn how IBM solutions can personalize customer experiences, accelerate network automation, and create new revenue streams.

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