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From Silos to Symphonies: ABM Orchestration

Organised by Launched

London Tech Week brings together passionate tech innovators and leaders from across the world, all to the buzzing UK capital. The theme of the night will extend on one of LTW’s themes this year which is, “True digital transformation and next tech frontiers.”

Our theme will be From Silos to Symphonies: ABM Orchestration. ABM orchestration is the art of synchronising several marketing channels and touchpoints to engage high-value accounts effectively.

Some of the common issues we keep hearing marketing leaders are challenged with are:

  • Data silos that prevent a unified view of the customer journey and make it hard to understand how to market
  • Misalignment between sales and marketing teams that results in pointing fingers at who’s not driving results
  • Lack of clear attribution and ROI for ABM efforts

Does any of this sound familiar? The Launched team loves attending the London Tech Week events and is excited to be their official media partner. We're thrilled to invite the tech-passionate marketing community to tackle the demand gen challenges we all struggle with, exchange valuable ABM knowledge, and indulge in an amazing meal together. 

Who should attend? CMOs, Heads of Marketing, demand gen marketers, AMB marketers, growth managers, and other senior marketing leaders who work in tech or SaaS companies and are attending London Tech Week 2024 (Attending LTW is not a requirement but is definitely a plus!). 

We'd especially love to have you there if you are starting, building, or scaling your ABM initiatives.

Date and Time
Day 12 June
19:00 - 22:00
 M Restaurant, 60 Threadneedle St., London EC2R 8HP
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Host Contact Details
Paul Whittall, Co-Founder