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AI’s Patent Puzzle: Standards, Licensing and the IoT Revolution

Organised by ACT | The App Association
Join ACT | The App Association and a panel of special guests to learn how tech startups are innovating using artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT) technologies. The panel will also feature a discussion about regulatory opportunities for growth; specifically how unlocking the ability to use standards can provide a huge boost to the United Kingdom’s tech innovation.

A critical part of the formula for AI growth and job creation is its access to rich supply of data sets, often sourced from the IoT ecosystem. The IoT ecosystem itself is huge and expected to generate $12.6 trillion for the global economy by 2030, with SMEs driving much of this growth. However, as companies across all sectors are racing to integrate connectivity and AI features into their products, they face a patent puzzle that threatens to undermine these advances.

The development and successful integration of AI and IoT standards is at risk due to the UK’s rules and system for licensing the patents in these standards. Outdated and ambiguous laws, paired with bad faith licensors, have stifled innovation generally and limit the potential impact of SMEs in the technology sector.

Join us to learn how the next government can significantly boost UK innovation by advancing much-needed regulatory updates that will ensure SMEs have fair access to standardised technologies by mending the standard-essential patent (SEP) licensing ecosystem in the UK.
The App Association is a global policy trade association for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We work with and for our members to promote a policy environment that rewards and inspires innovation while providing resources that help them raise capital, create jobs, and continue to build incredible technology.
Date and Time
Day 13 June
09:30 - 11:00
Broadway House, Tothill Street, Westminster, London, SW1H 9NQ
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